Electric Car Charging Station Stencil

Electric Car Charging Station Stencil

  • $80.00

All Electric Car Charging Station Stencil measurements refer to the size of the image when painted out. Sheet size is always larger allowing for overspray. This stencil is perfect for designating areas in parking lots. Electric car charging stencils are now found in many parking garages, parking lots and charging stations.

Material recommendations: 1/16" and 1/8" for spray painting outdoor and parking lot applications

24" high x 42.6" wide
36" high x 63.9" wide
48" high x 85.2" wide

All of our stencils are made from LLDPE.  This material is extremely durable, will relax and lay flat quickly, and is very easy to clean.  The 1/8th inch is preferred by contractors and is more rigid then the 1/16th inch.  The 1/16th is excellent for less frequent use.  Both can be used and cleaned hundreds of times.

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