Fire Lane Stencil

Fire Lane Stencil

  • $17.99

All of our stencils are made from LLDPE.  This material is extremely durable, will relax and lay flat quickly, and is very easy to clean.  The 1/8th inch is preferred by contractors and is more rigid then the 1/16th inch.  The 1/16th is excellent for less frequent use.  Both can be used and cleaned hundreds of times. 

Industry terms:

LLDPE Plastic:  This is the best material for pavement marking. It will lay flat and is easy to clean and store for future maintenance or installation.

Over spray Margin:  This is the measure of plastic that frames the image to be painted. We provide a 3” margin. This is enough to ensure a clean image and still allow for production work. Many stencil makers cut corners on this margin at the expense of the user in field.

Standard sizes:
3 inches high x 20 inches wide
4 inches high x 26.7 inches wide
6 inches high x 40 inches wide
12 inches high x 81 inches wide
18 inches high x 110 inches wide (2 sheets)

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