GUEST Parking Lot Stencil

GUEST Parking Lot Stencil

  • $19.99

This GUEST Stencil is ideal for apartment and hotel parking lots. These stencils have a 3 inch margin for overspray and are cut on our 60 mil 1/16” or 125 mil 1/8" LLDPE Plastic. This material is guaranteed for 5 years of heavy use and will hold up to all the retouching your facility may require. Clean up is a breeze too, simply flex the plastic slightly and you’ll see the dried paint begin to crack, flake and peel off with ease.

This stencil can be used in conjunction with:
CC0192 - "PARKING" stencil
CC0409 - "ONLY" Stencil

Standard sizing and recommended material options are listed below. If you need a size that is not listed please call us at 1-800-334-1776 or email

Standard Sizes:
4 inches high x 17 inches wide
6 inches high x 26 inches wide
12 inches high x 52 inches wide
18 inches high x 70.5 inches wide
24 inches high x 70 inches wide

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