Handicap Parking Stencil

Handicap Parking Stencil

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Mark and maintain your parking lot with our familiar Handicap Stencil. We offer all the standard sizes to meet your local codes and specs. Should you need a custom size? We can do that as well.

  • Made from durable and reusable LLDPE
  • Simply clean and Store for future use.
  • Perfect for Contractors, Property Managers, and Public Works Departments.


Industry terms:.

Stroke: This refers to the width of the painted line. 3” or 4” are common specifications.

2-Part stencil:  This is a two-step process. One stencil is used to frame and paint the background (usually blue) and the second stencil is the symbol that is sized and scaled properly (usually painted white or yellow).

LLDPE Plastic:  This is the best material for pavement marking. It will lay flat and is easy to clean and store for future maintenance or installation.

Overspray Margin:  This is the measure of plastic that frames the image to be painted. We provide a 3” - 4” margin.This is enough to ensure a clean image and still allow for production work. Many stencil makers cut corners on this margin at the expense of the user in field.

 If you have a question or need a custom stencil solution please call  844-456-3273 or email.

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